Privacy Policy

Information Collection

  1. Anonymous Uploads: We offer an anonymous file uploading service where users can upload files without providing personal information.

  2. Uploaded File Information: We collect and store the files you upload to our servers. It's important to note that we do not request or store any personally identifiable information (PII) associated with these files.

Storage and Encryption

  1. Access Restriction: Please note that while the website's owner has access to the folder where the files are stored, they do not actively monitor or review the contents. This measure is implemented to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the uploaded files.

  2. Unencrypted Storage: We store all uploaded files in an unencrypted format on our servers.

  3. Data Protection Measures: While we do not encrypt the stored files, we take reasonable measures to protect the security and integrity of our servers and prevent unauthorized access.